Lancelot Free Slot Game
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Game Description

Anybody acquainted with the legend behind King Arthur will know the key part that the knight Lancelot had in the story. Lord Arthur’s correct hand man helped Arthur rule as well as sold out his companion by professedly engaging in extramarital relations with Arthur’s wife, Queen Guinevere. Mobile slots engineer WMS Gaming have taken this epic story and transformed it into a slots that is a piece of their G+ Deluxe arrangement.

Lancelot is a 5 reel, 40 payline poker slot that has a reel format of 5×4. The medieval subject and the utilization of the King Arthur legend will positively engage slots player that adoration a story behind their slots. Entertainingly enough, King Arthur himself is really truant from the reels. This permits WMS to center their consideration on Lancelot which bodes well considering this versatile slots is named after the popular knight all things considered!

The Lancelot poker slot symbols

Images on the reels incorporate Merlin the wizard, the Green Knight, Excalibur ascending from the lake, Camelot, a crown, his and hers wedding bands, a knight’s cap, a knight’s shield, yellow roses, and oak seeds.

Remember to Hit Two Stacked Wilds!

There are two Wilds on this versatile slots and they come as the Lancelot Wild and the Guinevere Wild. These images can show up as Stacked Wilds as well as substitute for every single other image over the reels to help complete winning blends. They can likewise seem together to frame Mixed Wilds.

Win 5 Free Spins

The free spins reward round is at the end of the day activated in an irregular technique without any Scatters on the reels. This is something that devotees of the air Fire Queen versatile slots will be acquainted with. With a specific end goal to procure 5 free spins, you must hit no less than two Wilds on the reels.

Lancelot slot is a fascinating turn on the King Arthur story. For one thing, there is not a single King Arthur to be seen. This pushes the adoration story of Lancelot and Guinevere to the fore. WMS use this and utilize the two characters as the Wilds and this can deliver some fabulous wins. It’s not regularly you see two Stacked Wilds in the base game. The consideration of a little free spins reward round is just a special reward… actually. This portable slots has stood the test of time and will keep on doing as such for quite a long time.

Mobile slots are easier to play than online slots in the sense that you do not have to stay in front of the computer to play. You can actually play this slots game anywhere. Lancelot is a classic-style slots game that deserves a modern spin and this is why it is one of the most interesting slots game that you could play on mobile. So download Lancelot and other poker slots games today and find out how different it is to play even on your way to the office on a bus!