Coyote Cash Free Slot Game
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Game Description

It is fair to say that that possesses a high number of slots for fun with differentiated themes. Why would an online casino build its online presence on games with similar themes in a world where there is a stratum of generic slot online games and casinos? One of the games that stands out from the pack is the Coyote Cash poker slot. It works well both online and in actual casino’s, but before we take a look at the of the  Coyote Cash slot features, remember that you can also Play Coyote Cash Slot Free. So let’s take a look at some of the features:

Coyote Cash Poker Slot Features

More than 20 free games or tryouts as a prize – Hit the lever, the sound buzzes after which if you get more than 3 loot symbols on the reels, you are awarded 20 free games. If during these free games if somehow you are able to amass 3 to 4 triggering loots (scatter wins) then you gain multiplier of 2, 3 or 4, your payload is doubled or tripled.

Additional free games just retain the initial multiplier, and are played at the lines and the bets of the triggering games.

  • Variety of different pay lines – You will have a good chance of winning huge prizes and payload in this game, as the slot game possess a range of twenty five different pay lines with differentiated patterns.
  • The Coyote itself – Also providing with different kind of symbols, this game has the partial namesake of the game used as the substitute in any of the winning combinations of other symbols.  When one or two coyotes come along in a winning combination, the prize is doubled.
  • A different kind of progressive jackpot – This poker slot’s progressive jackpot happens at the conclusion of the game. It is triggered at random and like any other progressive jackpot of slot games, this one also adds the wins to other wins. The total return to player of this game is no more than 1.5% of the returns
  • Auto-play – This game possesses auto-play, so when you are too busy or not in a mood to play, you can always press auto-play for your convenience according to the options you have selected.
  • Variety of other symbols – You can still earn huge sums of money with other symbols in this slot game. They are a number of them. Eagle, Snake, Truck, and Cactus are a few of them.